Tuesday, November 9, 2010
7 Most Stable Jobs

While our economy is constantly changing (for the good and most of the time, for the bad) there are jobs that seems to stay despite the ever growing competition for jobs around the world. Almost every community, big or small, need people like them and in some sector, provide employment for us.  Below are our top 7 stable jobs.

Registered Nurse
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People need nurses in the hospital to take care of patients and to assist the doctors. They're the ones that routinely check patients' heartbeat, breathing and other important stuff nurses do that keep patients alive. But as the need for nurses have saturated in the past few years, there is not much demand for them right now. We will just have to wait for some of the nurse to retire and give space for  the new ones. 

Training: To become a registered nurse, you'll need a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN), an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or a diploma from an approved nursing program. You'll also need to complete a national licensing examination in order to obtain a nursing license. 
Pay: They have an average annual salary of $62,450 but the pay may differ depending on the kind of facility the nurse is assigned in.

Pharmacy Technician
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We will need pharmacy technicians in perscripting drugs for proper health care and proper dosage of various medicines. We don't want to get ahead of ourselves and get on the wrong foot with the wrong kind of medicinal intake. 

Training: You will need a pharmacist's associates degree or  certificate programs to be a pharmacy technician.

Pay: They earn an average per hour rate of $13.32.

Health Care Administrator
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As the nurses and doctors take care of patients, the health care administrator takes care of the human resourcing, financing, marketing and advertising. We need them to keep the hospital running smoothly and in order.

Training: A Bachelor Degree of Health Care Administration will get you in the position. If you plan to get in a big company, you might want to consider a Master's Degree in Health Services Administration.

Pay: They have an average annual salary of $80,240.

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Banks or any financing/business company will always need an accountant. It is a surprise that an accountant does more than just preparing taxes, they also do bookkeeping and help plan financial growth strategies. They also help in processing the monthly income pay slips for the employees of the work firm. Would you not get tired of thinking of numbers everyday?

Training: You can get a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or pass the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) board exams to become a certified accountant.

Pay: They have an average annual salary of $59,430 but the pay may differ when you are working in a private business or with the state or local government.

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They are also known as legal assistants and do what an attorney does. They work in all types of organizations like law firms, legal corporate offices and local government. I am not sure if my brain can handle memorizing all the laws so I'll just have to say pass for this one. 

Training: Getting a Bachelor's Degree in Paralegal Studies or Associate's Degree Program in Paralegal Studies. If you have done the bachelor's degree, consider getting a paralegal certificate.

Pay: They have an average annual salary of $46,120 but don't worry most of the paralegals receive bonuses, depending with the kind of firm you are working with. 
Police Officer
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From patrolling the street during at night or day, capturing criminals and protecting citizens, police officers are indeed what our community always need. We can never live and be safe without them since they provide valuable services in our communities. We would really love to have more of them around but due to budget cuts, we would have limited police officers around.

Training: Look into getting a Criminal Justice Degree if you plan to be a police officer.

Pay: They have an annual salary of $51,410 but still may differ in the location.

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Whether a town's population be 500 to 5,000, every community will need a school and every school will need a teacher. Even though times can be tough, our kids still need their education to get them through. 

Training: You will need a bachelor's degree from a teacher education program. If you want to be a secondary school teacher, you will need a master's degree.

Pay: The average annual salary of being a teacher in kindergarden, elementary, middle or in secondary school ranges from $47,100 to $51,180.

If you are still looking for a job, do not lose hope. Our population might be one of the factors preventing us from having jobs but it is at its best that some of the employment are here to stay even at tough times. Happy job hunting everyone.

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