Monday, December 6, 2010
Why Job Seekers Fail Drug Tests

There are requirements after being hired in a company such as valid IDs and several tests. The basic tests may be the drug and alcohol screening prior to be hired. A number of companies have increased its demand for the drug and alcohol tests because of safety concerns, insurance and fears of productivity due to substance abuse. Drug testing laws may vary from where you are but the basic thing is for the company to know if you’re clean or not and the varying levels it would indicate.

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I was inspired to write this article because I have read that Queensland jobseekers were having problems failing drug tests. Any company cannot ignore this since they are in need of more employees and at the same time worried since the jobseekers are failing the drug tests. Comparing the percentages of the occupants, here is a list of the highest to the lowest rates with positive drug and alcohol tests:
  • 58% - Manufacturing process workers and machine operators
  • 53% - Forklift operators
  • 34% - Truck drivers

The types of drug tests which shows the presence of the drug or alcohol includes urine drug tests, blood drug tests, hair drug test, breath drug test, saliva drug test and sweat drug test. It is most effective to take the blood drug test since I’ve heard from my friends that you can wash away the alcohol by drinking lots of fresh coconut juice. It’s best not to cheat on the drug test but avoid drinking and smoking as much as possible to have a healthy body and so that you can get that job. I know it is hard to stop habits but it best to start lessening on the vice and make sports a habit instead.

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Great post. The information you have provided is very useful. Thanks.

Another Alcohol Testing options for personal use is LifeGuard Personal Breath Alcohol Tester- which uses fuel cell technology the same as used by DOT approved Evidential Breath Alcohol Testers. A person has options to testing themselves to know what there alcohol level is.

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