Friday, January 28, 2011
Top 9 Jobs That Don't Require A Degree

Not having a degree doesn’t mean you can’t get a good-paying job. I’m not saying that a college degree is not important but with the right amount of determination, hard-work and confidence, you are on the right path to jump starting your life with a nice-paying job. Once you’re all stable, you can then try and work on getting that college degree.

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Here are some of the jobs that don’t require a degree. Just show them what you can do, you’ll never know you really are meant to do one of the jobs listed below:

1. Firefighter
Starting Salary Annually: $32,165 - $53,608
With a high school diploma and good physical strength, you have a bright future as a firefighter. Being a firefighter is also being a hero. Saving lives and properties while risking your own life. You also have to be alert at all times and be ready for worst-case scenarios. The best thing about this job is it keeps you in top-top shape.

2. Police Officer
Starting Salary Annually: Varies by location
A police officer can also be your everyday hero next to being a firefighter. We all need police officers to protect our community and all the members in it. You’re probably going to need an associate degree in criminal law or a twelve to eighteen months worth of experience in the law enforcement business to be a proper officer. Sometimes there are available positions for entry levels if you are lucky.

3. Mechanic
Starting Salary Annually: $30,584 - $40,564
Being a mechanic is a respectable and professional job. Though you get all dirty for fixing cars and other machines, it does not matter. All you need is to become an apprentice and willingness to keep on learning. This is like Kung Fu where the master would be teaching or handing down techniques to his apprentice.

4. Appliance Repairman
Starting Salary Annually: $37,345 - $40,564
Everyone has appliances that breaks around the house. There are some people who throw away their appliances when it gets broken and some get it repaired. There are no specific education requirement for this job. You just need to be extremely skilled and hard-working. The salary will eventually reach the expected amount so don’t worry about it.

5. Plumber or Electrician
Starting Salary Annually: $35,575 - $48,833
No matter how bad you are at school or if you don’t have your diplomas or any education records, who would need them if you are hard working. These jobs are usually in demand and is highly respectable. Being an electrician is very dangerous since it involves high voltage wires or even climbing posts. You have to wear your complete shock proof suit. The benefits to look forward of being an electrician is the health plan, license and etc.

6. Salesman
Starting Salary Annually: Who knows?
People who work in this sector are good talkers. You may be assigned to a door-to-door job or in the mall. When dealing with the customers who constantly rejects you or flares up at you, it is up to you on how you would handle the situation. This job requires you to be patient, self confident and your own way on how to carry the sales-talk with the customers. Pure talent.

7. Web Designer
Starting Salary Annually: $43,591 - $57,167
A lot of companies nowadays hire computer related graduates or associate graduates. But if you are good at data entry (encoding), researching, designing and understanding computer codes, then you are good to go. Designing a website is a crucial part for a company to attract client. Have other people use the site if the colors are alright or rate its user friendliness. You might need to have more knowledge and talent about web designing that you think.

8. Occupational Therapy Assistant
Starting Salary Annually: $30,000 - $38,000
If you devote yourself in helping others besides being a nurse or doctor then this job is definitely for you. You can learn this job being an assistant in small clinics. Rehabilitation sites are one of the best places to get the experience you are looking for.

9. Truck Driver
Starting Salary Annually: $42,000 - $52,000
Being a truck driver, you have to be responsible to whatever load you have in your truck to be delivered to a particular destination. Most truck drivers are high school graduates. You would need to go to a truck driving school to learn how to drive an eighteen wheel behemoths and understand the rules of the road.

These jobs give you the opportunity to improve your talent. Do not lose hope if you still have not gotten a job. Stick to what you love to do and improve. Never stop loving your job and never go lazy. If you work hard, you will get your reward. Happy Job Hunting! - Job Guide and Tips



You forgot can make 30k to 60k as a garbage man

you forgot gigolo/prostitute you can earn 100k to 200k a year very good job no degree

those r probably number 10 and 11 lol

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