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Top 10 Jobs in the field of Entertainment

After watching a movie or attending a concert, have you ever thought of the producers, assistant managers, director or any other behind the scene personnel? Well, for sure the venue of the concert or the movie itself would not be successful without the back stage crew. Would the artists be as famous as they are now without being promoted properly by the company or agency? Thanks to the management for promoting and advertising them in televisions and internet. There are lots of famous artists now and have you ever wondered what different jobs can you get behind the success of these artists?

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If you are planning to be famous and wasn’t successful, there are several options for you to choose to be in the field of entertainment. You will be given the chance to work with professional artists and backstage crew. Here are the top 10 jobs in the entertainment industry.

10. A and R administrator
A and R administrators monitor the cost of recording an album. They track the costs and get the budget for the studios, musicians, and more. You keep track of the recording costs daily even before anyone can hear the final product of the song. The making of the music will take a lot of time and handling the budget might be stressful but look at the bright side, you are working with someone who will someday be famous and you might work for him longer than you think.

9. Caterer
If you are a good cook, this job is perfect for you. You will be making all the food for the performers and the whole crew to eat. May it be snacks or dinner; you will be supplying food during the shooting of a movie, during concert tours or even for circus or stage performers. The good thing is you can serve your food to famous actors and stage crews while the bad thing is you are not serving small army of people and they might have strange taste and most are actually picky. Just make sure to get your facts straight with the kind of food they want and how they actually want them to be.

8. Cinematographer
You will work with a film director who will teach you on how the visual look of the movie should come out, what angle to capture a particular scene and so on. How the movie would come out will depend on you. You will be using specific lenses and other tools that will make the director be satisfied of the outcome of the movie. You will be playing with a lot of filming equipment which is actually fun and very crucial since they are expensive, too. This job lets your creative thoughts be put in good use. A lot of stressful things would also affect your work and how you look at things such as the budget, weather, the cast changes and sometimes the director’s temper.

7. Critic
You will be using your observation skills to review music, movies, plays and more. Critics are paid to sit, listen and observe movies, theater, or music in the studio. You critique it for an article in the newspaper, magazine, blog, radio or even in television shows. One of the best thing in having a job like this is when you get paid for sitting there observing and you will be the first one to hear or see the actual thing before it gets famous. The bad thing is you get to endure the boredom if you did not like what is going on. It is also fun to be a critic when you are hired occasionally such as being one of the judges in a cheerleading competition.

6. Makeup Artist
You will professionally make actors, actresses, and models look gorgeous or freaky. Whatever the theme maybe, you have to be creative enough to make them look spectacular. One of your goals is to cover any blemishes from their faces for a flawless sparkling look. Sometimes, you will be told to make them look plain or scary depending on the event of the runway show or fashion shoot. You will always deal with different people. Nice or rude. Noisy or quiet. There’s always that backstage drama in the trailer. It can be actually fun sometimes and you deal with different people with different attitudes.

5. Professional Speaker
You will have to talk to a lot of people in front of the stage. May it be for education, boosting self-esteems or just plain entertainment. You can do comedy or serious speeches that would entertain a lot of people. You sometimes get in comedy bars or alumni parties for the work. You get paid just for others to hear what you have to say and for joking around. All eyes are on you and you have to win and keep their attention. You have to love what you do and be careful on what you say. You don’t want tomatoes thrown at you, now do you?

4. Publicist
Your job is to get media coverage for an actor, musician or high business owner. You would be approaching reporters who wants to cover an interview with your client. You get to be the bridge between your client and the reporters. You can work with famous people and get chummy with major publications. Pitching stories is not as easy as it can be. If you do not want to have reality nightmare, you might consider keeping a specific client name out of the paper.

3. Stunt Person
Besides falling down and jumping off high buildings, you get to work with famous actors and actresses. Stunt workers usually do death-defying activities such as leaping off a building on fire and drive in a car-chase along chaotic streets. They also do stunt activities in plays and such. This is fun since you get to do action scenes a lot like punching others, being hit by the actor himself, car crashing and see building explode right before your eyes but it also has its bad effects when you get all the bruises that your body can’t handle.

2. Theater Consultant
You must be knowledgeable of how the theater operates. You will be assisting the architect, background and lights team for whoever works behind the scene while the play is going on. You will be giving advices and discussing the seating layouts and lighting arrangements. You will not only be the voice who commands but also be the ears of the stage crew. You will help the performance be as flawless as possible. There is also a need to balance the designs and functionality. Your opinion and theirs have to match or else it will create a ruckus among the crew.

1. Writer
You would write scripts not only for movies but also television, radio, or even music. Screenwriters are also involved when an artist accepts their Grammy awards or holding out the cue cards coming out of the reporter’s mouth. Writers are behind funny commercials you see during the break. Hundreds and thousands or if not millions of people are listening to what you have written. You have to be unique since there are a lot of ways to write and finish that final product. Although it may not always be successful as you want it to be, you can always try to win the hearts of a lot of people.

You have to be creative and always think ahead. The world of entertainment is growing and you will need to catch up. You will be having less time for sleep and more time for work. You will need to be very disciplined and creative to get ahead of the race. Do you have other job suggestions? We would love to hear your comments too. Have a nice day everyone! - The Job Map



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