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Top 10 Jobs for People over 60

Henri Frederic Amiel, a Swiss philosopher, once said, “To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.” Indeed, it takes decades of varied experiences and a positive outlook in life for an individual to embrace old age, especially for a senior citizen. For some people, this stage in life is a time for one to take things at a slow pace and just simply enjoy the fruits of one’s hard work and breeze through life.


But being 60 and above should not be a reason for you to cease from pursuing other passions in life.  Becoming productive after you retire is still a very good option for you to engage in and make 60 the new 30, with a new post-retirement career.  Basically, there are still available jobs for seniors in Australia.


For all retirees out there, here are ten best jobs for senior citizens that you can carry out with your wisdom and expertise in life:



Being a senior citizen can work to one’s advantage when holding a fundraising activity.  This is because most of those who would donate to fundraising events are older and are more likely to trust and donate to a fellow elder than a young one.  This does not imply that younger people do not make good fundraisers themselves but older people have created more established social networks that are composed of financially stable and secured friends and acquaintances.  And as a fundraiser you are basically well paid, with your natural ability to draw donors to the event.  What a good retirement jobfor you as a senior citizen.  You have a new career and you get the chance to work for a cause that is close to your heart.
Angel Investor


Although this is a risky move for a senior citizen, but this could be considered as a way of helping an individual who is putting up a promising business.  Basically, an angel investor is a wealthy individual who provides capital for a business start-up in exchange for either ownership equity or convertible debt. However, as an angel investor, you need to be careful in investing your money into a new business.  You need to assess the idea and the people behind it otherwise your money would just be put to waste.  That is why you need to invest money that you don’t need for your retirement for this matter.  This is another option among the numerous part time jobs for seniors.

Geriatric Care Manager


Considered to be a lucrative profession, a geriatric care manager does more than earning big bucks.  You also help elders find the right doctor, secure for them the necessary social services and check if everything is okay with them.  You simply make the lives of the elders much more convenient and efficient for whatever needs they have in life.



Senior citizens are in a better position to take the role as a mediator considering the wisdom that they have acquired through the years.  It does not matter whatever background you come from.  What matters is your ability to settle conflicts or disputes between two people or groups.   Those who have a counseling or legal background even have an edge.  Now this is could be a good part time job for seniors.



If you have done a lot of good things to people in your community for years, you would likely become a good candidate for a government position.  It is not only the age factor that is of high consideration here but a good clean image would help you qualify to run for government.  What you just need are strong public speaking skills, winning personality and a fighting spirit against corruption.  If you win during the elections then you could have the best retirement job for seniors.

Personal Coach

Given your life experiences, acquired wisdom and expertise on particular fields or areas, you can be an angel to individuals---whether young or a fellow---who need guidance especially in whatever dilemma, predicaments or problems that they are situated in.  Common sense of understanding, good listening skills and practical knowledge are what you need to accomplish this professional endeavor in the most effective way.

Seller of Senior-Oriented Items


Since senior citizens know their needs at that point in their lives, they have practical knowledge on how to convince their fellows in purchasing senior-oriented items may these be retirement housing, apparel, luxury cars, cruise travel packages or long-term-care insurance.

Home-based Entrepreneur


A lot of older people prefer to stay at home and become productive in one way or another.  Well, this is actually possible since there are several options for senior citizens to still generate income while they are in the comforts of their homes.  With determination, enthusiasm and hardwork, you can create profit out from becoming a virtual assistant, editor, online or home tutor or writer just to name a few of these options.  So, who says there are no cool jobs left for senior citizens?



To become a celebrant is one way by which you can become part of special ceremonies of people and pursue as a part time job for seniors. Whether it is a wedding or funeral, you can create and preside over such occasions without being ordained cleric or appointed justice. 

Board Member

Practically speaking, this is not a profitable career as most organizations, especially the non-profit ones, enjoin those who are willing to lead and influence a group and, at the same time,donate serious money.  But the upside of becoming a board member is being able to guide a group of people for a great cause and being able to invest your donation for projects that would benefit a lot people in the community.  What a great way then to start your retirement period with a job fitted for seniors.

So, who says that old age is the end of everything exciting, fulfilling and prolific?  Age does not matter; it is just a number.  It is what your heart is passionate about that matters the most and how you can make a difference in the lives of people with your passion.


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