Monday, May 9, 2011
Top 10 Ways to be a Good Female Bartender

Girls just wanna have fun! This is the whole point of the GirlZ Night Out as a Friday event for purely women only.  Running from April 19 to December 16, 2011, this weekly event for ladies features stand-up comedians that would provide hilarious entertainment to the audience. 

With sumptuous finger foods and chilled beverages, this exclusive-for-women cool gathering starts at 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  Expect an all-female interaction with sexy female bartenders also offering beverage-mixing entertainment.  
Speaking of female bartenders, nothing comes as sexy and alluring as a woman offering you a mixed drink with her smooth and fast moves at the bar.  There is something about that mysterious swag of a female bartender that you can’t get enough of it.  So, never understimate the sexy bartending prowess of a woman! If you want to explore other job opportunities that suit you, you can check out, to find out the latest listings of employment near your place. Let your job hunting begin!

If you are one hot lass who wants to learn the trade of bartending, here are some hot tips to make you the most-sought bartender:
1. Be a tough sheila to any bitch or asshole who enters your bar.  Anything can happen in a bar so you better suck it up and challenge any drunkard who poses as a threat or distraction to your work. Learn the trade of scaring off anybody who messes up with your ass!
2. Learn the art of flirting...but not in a slutty way. Remember, you are in a business where you need to lure both men and women without giving it all away so that you can sell many drinks as possible.  
3. Demonstrate a trick.  The true test of a good bartender is when one knows a trick.  And it is much sexier to watch if the one who shows the customers with a trick is a woman.  It is crowd pleaser and it is an effective way to sell drinks. Better learn one trick to make you the hottest female entertainer by the bar.
4. Entertain an Annoying Chatter.  One challenge that you need to deal with is how to divert the attention of a chatter that is really annoying.  The best way to counteract such situation is set the mind of a chatter to a puzzle to divert his or her attention away from you.  
5. Learn the art of making bar towel into a penis.  Oh yeah! You heard it really well! This is one entertaining act that can surely get the attention and applause from other women.  And that towel can be your weapon to “dick slap” any weird or strange-acting guy who annoys you.
6. Handle your liquor very well.  This is one important note that you should highly consider.  Bear in mind that your patrons would even buy you drinks to join them.  In most cases, your patrons would buy you not 5 but 9 to 12 shots which might lead you to drunkenness.  So, you better handle your shots really well.  Never turn down offers from your patrons since this will turn them off and you will lose avid customers every night.
7. Know when to say, “No.” It is never a good idea to accept offers from customers to sleep with them.  The consequences of which might never prove comfortable and good.  Better learn to say no the right way without offending your customers.
8. Be as physically fit as you can be. You don’t necessarily be a body builder but, at least, you have the strength needed to throw out a 200-300lb drunk customer.  That would nail down your status being a tough female bartender.
9.  Don’t be judgmental.  Whoever buys a drink from your bar, never dare to judge or underestimate them.  Get rid of the idea that the one drinking at the corner is a hooker or a criminal.  That person is a prospective drink sales and you are just there to serve that person.  Fair treatment is what counts most here.
10. Be a good fake listener.  You don’t need to listen to every detail of a heartbroken or a divorced or a depressed drinker.  Learn how to converse with them without even engaging yourself deeply into their life stories or else you might end up as a sponge that might soak up their negative energies.  You can be their cheap shrink but just do it without the suggested solutions.
Once you know these tricks of becoming a good female bartender, then you are one cool chick who can rock the bar with ease and sexy money-making moves!



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