Wednesday, June 15, 2011
How to Become the Best CEO

The success and failure of companies or organisations can always be attributed to the person taking the leadership role – the chief executive officer. The difference in leadership styles may determine the path to business success. No wonder, many businesses would pour much of their resources in the hope finding the best CEO. Prospective corporate executives may find CEO jobs in top Australian companies featured in job search portals like Odusee.


Whether you are a CEO of a startup business or a Fortune 500 company, it is important to show good leadership and character so that your personnel will follow you by example. Take the cue from famous and successful chief executives like Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, or Larry Ellison. Aside from being a great leader, one has to know all the facets of the business inside and out. If you intend to become the best CEO there is, you will have to develop these important characteristics:

Integrity Above All Else


A great chief executive needs to have subordinates willing to follow him to through thick and thin. Just like any politician, a CEO has to provide concrete guidelines to his organisation on how to move forward. Integrity is not one of the many leadership skills that a CEO can learn. It’s the personality that encourages subordinates to follow a leader that they can trust, someone who can keep up with what they promise. However, integrity is more than just meeting promises because it also demands the CEO to do the right decision – either doing what is right or choosing ways to generate more profit. At the end of the day, it’s all about giving your workers a sense of pride. Without integrity, the best and brightest employees may end up in your competition.



It is all right for someone to dream big because envisioning your company’s future is one way to keep everyone moving. There is this saying that if you don’t know where you’re heading, you will never reach your final destination. The CEO show should exhibit effective leadership in order to set business strategies and corporate plans in motion. The world of business is competitive and cutthroat that is why CEOs need to keep their organisation dynamic and meet every business demands and challenges. Take the case of Steve Jobs, he steered Apple to the right direction with the establishment of iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac computers.

Risk Taker


A great CEO has the drive to take chances and know the risks of making such decision in an effort to achieve business success. By keeping his eyes on the company’s vision, there are always solutions for every challenge even if the odds are stacked against him. Making the right decision may sometimes put the CEO at odds with the business investors and even with his subordinates. Businesses fail and go bankrupt if their leaders gave up on challenges or simply quit. An ideal chief executive would put his job and reputation on the line first even when things go bad.

People Person


A CEO needs to understand that the formula to business success is the sum of all its parts. In other words, a good leader cannot steer an organisation to its ultimate vision without the help of a team of talented individuals. Just like getting a CEO for hire, a chief executive needs to have people person skills to attract up and coming professionals who can share their knowledge and skills to the company. Besides, the CEO’s reputation may be an important factor to prevent quality personnel from working with the competition.

Good Follower


There is always a saying, “A good leader is a good follower.” When it comes to making important business decisions, a successful CEO needs to seek counsel from other people. Besides, the CEO can never be in different places at the same time and businesses need to establish a network of talented professionals for every process and transaction. No one has the secret to success because it’s not about having all the solutions but knowing how to figure it out with the help of the team.



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