Friday, August 19, 2011
The Best Jobs for Retirees and Senior Citizens

The pinch of the economic recession is starting to take a hit on retirees due to the rising cost of living. Many of them have desired to go back to work in any capacity they can in an effort to supplement their income. We tend to count out senior citizens because we think they are way past of their prime and won’t be able to perform the work anymore. In recent years, volunteer work has gained prominence and there is a growth for those looking for second careers. Looking for senior citizen’s jobs can be made using specialised job search engine Odusee.


Though they can no longer perform the job the way they used to do when they were young, there are new jobs specifically catered to senior citizens. Though they may have lost their vigor and strength, they can still perform menial tasks and even surprise people that they are still capable of doing productive things. There are part time jobs for senior citizens who still want to have a job and earn money to support themselves. Here are some of the jobs that fit their skills and capabilities:

Office and Clerical Work


Some companies and small businesses provide programs that accept older employees and provide part-time jobs like administrative assistant, receptionist, and clerk. The good thing about these jobs is that senior citizens don’t have to work long hours because they spend most of the time answering phone calls and typing office reports and memos.

Assistant Librarian


An assistant librarian has to manage books and more books. Since it doesn’t require skills, it is perfect for senior citizens who want to volunteer to serve small libraries looking to fill in its understaffed facilities.  It may not be the best jobs for senior citizens, getting these types of job are worth it because it is not as labor-intensive as any other jobs out there.

Substitute Teacher


Understaffed schools may be looking for substitute teachers. Older people who have wealth of experience teaching young people can become teaching assistants. There are not so many retirees jobs as rewarding as teaching.

Medical Transcriptionists


Senior citizens can still transcribe medical reports, diagnoses, assessments, and therapy from physicians and other medical professionals as long as they don’t have hearing difficulties. Unfortunately, medical knowledge is required so some of them may have to brush up with medical terminologies. These part time jobs for retirees are mostly home-based.

Consultancy and Freelance Gigs


Setting your own time and pace can be the benefit of having these types of work. Older people may find this convenient because it gives them enough time to do whatever they please. Some consultancy positions are in large corporations.

Online Entrepreneur


There are no jobs for retirees as good as becoming an online entrepreneur. Retirees can still be their own boss as long as they have the skill and expertise to manage their own business online.

Senior citizens and retirees can still be productive members of the society because there are always jobs for retirees in Australia. They may not be bankers, accountants, or lawyers anymore, these people can still provide services in other types of work specially designed for them.



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