Friday, September 2, 2011
Best Aussie Jobs That Allows You to Travel

You don’t have to get lost in the South American rainforest with a National Geographic crew or go along with Nepalese sherpas to the summit of Mount Everest in order to travel to the place you want to go. Gone are the days when you have to literally follow the footsteps of Robinson Crusoe or the great turn-of-the-century British explorer Sir Stanley Livingstone in order to visit exotic locales and far-flung outposts. Globalisation has made the world even smaller than ever as we try to reach out to different places with diverse faces. Travel is now an option for some jobs and globetrotters would love to go the extra mile to enjoy their jobs and experience something new. Scour the Internet for the best travel jobs Australia via specialised search site Odusee.


Though having a full-time job may prevent you from going out to different places, there are careers that require you to travel too! You may want to become an archaeology professor and swashbuckler extraordinaire like Indiana Jones but not all of us can become like him. Many people would love to have jobs that allow them to visit the bright lights of New York City, marvel at the amazing architecture of Paris, and get lost in the concrete jungle of Tokyo. The good news is that you can build your career travelling around the world and earn good money. Here are some the jobs with international travel benefits that you may want to consider:

Tour Guides


Without tour guides, no one can coordinate the trip and provide the necessary information on tourist spots and popular attractions to travellers and holiday goers. You can’t enjoy the sights and sounds of your sightseeing tour without the knowledge and insights of a trusted tour guide on board. Whether on an excursion bus, luxury train, or private jet, there are no travel daily jobs anything like it. Although travel agencies usually employ tour guides, there are also independent professionals who work on their own.

The good thing about being a tour guide is you get all the accommodation and expenses paid since your duty is to go with the tourists and introduce them to the various interesting sights in their travel destinations. When you have the free time, you can relax and go a little bit of side trip.

Travel Agents


If you want to travel far and wide, you have to get timely advice and support from travel agents who knows much about the place you want to go to. This is one of the many jobs with travel privileges so expect to get rewards when you work as a travel agent. Though you may be working in the agency for most of the year, you have the chance to visit the holiday destinations to be acquainted and updated with the trends in the travel sector.

They may get free travel or subsidised rate by the travel company they are working with. Aside from that, travel agents can get to choose which location they would want to visit. They will have access to different travel options within a 12-month period.

Airline Crew


Pilots and flight attendants are the heart of the airline crew because without them, air travel would not be a pleasant experience. They take care of passengers who travel to different destinations both local and foreign. When there are downtimes, airline crew can have the time to go for sightseeing and side trips wherever they are in the world. The jobs where you travel for a living can be rewarding because you will never know where you will be heading.

Cruise Staff


Cruise ships have different ports of call whether you are in the Pacific or in the Caribbean. When your profession needs you to conduct and coordinate recreation activities for passengers then it is obvious that these jobs that require travel is perfect for those who want to go to different places and meet diverse faces. Once can enjoy activities within the ship’s facilities such as its swimming pools and casino. You can even go for outdoor water sports like snorkeling, beach volleyball, and parasailing.

Travel Writer


Not all people recognise that travel writers have wonderful life because they can enjoy their passion of writing and travelling at the same time. The jobs that travel the world make it on the top list for people who want to go different places as part of the job description. Travel writers need to visit different places in order to write something about their experiences in articles published in books, travel guides, newspapers, and websites. In order to obtain flexibility of their workload, travel writers work on a freelance basis.



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